Can I escape through a toilet window in an art gallery?

In art, there are more rules expressed than meet the viewer’s eye. ‘Did you take a master’s degree in not seeing things?’ (b) Precision is the failure of imprecision. ‘Something tells me you’re not a town in the Swiss Alps.’ (c) The truth is only an approximation of truth: (d) The small steps lead to one giant step in the wrong direction. ‘Did you overshoot the moon?’ (e) You cannot see what you’re not ready to receive: (f) What is said is only implied, and what is meant is rarely said. ‘Make your point, I haven’t got all day.’ (g) Perfection is not found in what is seen, but in what is reflected: (h) What you see is never what you receive, and that’s why you are never given a receipt. ‘I never accept refunds. I simply refer them to the illegible small print that says, “This is not going to end well!”.’

Francis is an Australian born artist, illustrator and musician.