Painting abstract – pain and gain

- Francis Clark

Maybe its because I have never found it so, but I don’t believe that art making should be easy. It is always a struggle for me, like an un-equal arm wrestle, like the 100 meters race that I have to do on one leg. However, I look at it I find art-making difficult.

The creation process is not like making tea, it’s much more painful!

Walking is easy, for long ago we stopped thinking about how to do it! When you become aware of every step it gets more difficult. Walking past a bus stop full of people observing you can cause havoc with what was moments earlier an instinctive act.

The struggle in the art-making process is exactly that, a battle to keep self-scrutiny from inhibiting the free flow of the unconscious creative you.  And yet at the same time be aware enough to improve and learn from every discovery of process and invention.  This is a tricky balancing act that if managed well will stop your art from becoming manneristic.