Art quotes for strange people How to wreck things like an artist

How to avoid being an artist forever

Not being in the mood to paint might be an excuse not to paint, but it’s not an excuse not to experiment. ‘That’s what my wife says.’

Art can never go wrong; it can only go right. ‘It can’t be legal to be that optimistic.’

Spend more time alone and you might create something. ‘Sounds like you took a course in common “madsense”.’

Artists are lifetime members of artists synonymous.

Great art raises the bar to upend man’s concept of what art is.

Passion is the affirmation of the right to exist, it’s how artists reduce the separation between expression and the canvas.

Ecologically aware artists keep a pain recycling bin under their easels. ‘How completely spiffing of them.’

To rejoice in inequality is to rejoice in quality.

The vilest pose of life is the pose of not being an artist.

PRACTICE MAKES THE ART GROW FONDER ALERT: The more you dream about art the more you become the art.

By Rebel Without a Palette

Francis is an Australian born artist, illustrator and musician.