How to start a Third World War without anyone noticing.

There are only enough hours in a day for artists to wake up: Before artists can free the public, they must first free themselves. ‘Kidnapping private view guests, sweet!’ The visual arts reach the parts other arts can’t. ‘Arsehole.’ Art doesn’t travel well with excess baggage. ‘I bet you have to pay for an extra suitcase!’ Artists are responsible for the upkeep of their notoriety: Being impressed leads to platitude; being inspired leads to greatness: What a strange feeling it must be to have a belly full of surmises: Only the lucky few can financially afford to be great artists; making art is expensive, as you know!

She always had an interesting perspective on why the world must be flat. Italy is my favorite country; in fact, I plan to spend two weeks there next year. Three generations with six decades of life experience. The team members were hard to tell apart since they all wore their hair in a ponytail. Facing his greatest fear, he ate his first marshmallow. The underground bunker was filled with chips and candy. The stranger officiates the meal. Swim at your own risk was taken as a challenge for the group of Kansas City college students. He had a vague sense that trees gave birth to dinosaurs. The old apple revels in its authority. He said he was not there yesterday; however, many people saw him there. He was so preoccupied with whether or not he could that he failed to stop to consider if he should. He wondered why at 18 he was old enough to go to war, but not old enough to buy cigarettes. Garlic ice-cream was her favorite.

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Francis is an Australian born artist, illustrator and musician.