How to pass your numbness on to someone else.

Art must have a stand-alone life force independent of the subject: Beauty is not received as a goal only as a reward: Process reveals the idea, self-belief drives the vision: History contextualises art; man always takes it out of context: Art can reach no higher than the contemplation of a well-nourished heart: A fluid process makes art; a rigid method parodies it: The currency of art is disclosure, discordance and dissent: Good art is born of need not want: Art is an expression of a hypothesis, not a theory of a ‘self’: What you don’t know should always be one step ahead of what you think you know. ‘Is it true, I mean really true, carrots have a pancreas?’ Declare your principles and you might just make good art. ‘Sleep on it, don’t make a rushed decision.’The principles of art are found nowhere and revealed everywhere. ‘I wondered where I had left them.’

Francis is an Australian born artist, illustrator and musician.