How to be or not to be in art gobbledygook.

To appreciate art, you must speak the language from which it was created. ‘I’m fluent in gobbledygook and still don’t understand the stuff.’ The great thing about art appreciation is it doesn’t take long. ‘Yeah, you’ve only got to look at it and it’s shit.’Art appreciation is the culmination of a millennium of collective misconceptions. ‘I have just put my head through a painting, I suppose that means I appreciated it.’ Art that needs an explanation needs a translator. ‘Hey, linguist, say that in Esperanto.’The frequency with which I oscillate between two poles, X and Y, X being greater than but not equal to ‘exactitude’, and Y being less than, but not equal to ‘elegance’, varies according to Z, an indeterminate quantity, not equal to, but similar to ‘emotion’ which fluctuates relative to my subjective appreciation of ‘spirit’, which is almost equal to…Up Yours: Self-appreciation is the purest of the arts. ‘It’s something in the way I move.’

Francis is an Australian born artist, illustrator and musician.