Art quotes for strange people Feel like an artist

Artists without a subconscious

Art resolves itself in the subconscious.

Planning a painting is akin to planning a funeral before anyone has died.

Artists are visual opportunists; they simply recast the visual gifts they receive. ‘So, you’re saying artists are all fences?’

You can only belong to art when you have metaphorically died for art.

If art doesn’t rekindle inside you the feeling of awe and dread you felt the moment before your birth, you’re probably not an artist. ‘Or you haven’t been born yet?’

To be a convincing ‘missing link’ you need at least one link missing.

Coffee shops and artists – what went right? ‘It’s the unimaginable visual horrors they witness, mate!’

SPOOKY ALERT: When you observe a subject, the subject observes back at you.

It might be true that we are all born artists, but sadly as adults, we are all buried alive artists.

The secret to success in the arts is to never stop saying what you were saying. ‘If you had nothing to say in the first place, can you carry on saying it?’

By Rebel Without a Palette

Francis is an Australian born artist, illustrator and musician.