Sara was born in England and moved to Australia in her early twenty’s. She has always had an interest and passion for art and has developed her skills over the last 40 years. Her artwork is featured in many art galleries around Australia and she participates in solo or joint exhibitions every now and again.

To keep up to date on Sara’s upcoming exhibitions wither check the website or sign up to the Sara Paxton Artworks newsletter that keep follows in the art loop. It includes upcoming exhibitions, artist inspiration and trending topics, artist learning resources and much more.

Sara has a home studio where she produces a majority of her artworks, many hours are spent mixing, painting and perfecting her latest artworks. She uses a combination of painting materials such as brushes, knives, pigment sticks and inks. You can see a list of materials and artist resources on the Sara Paxton Artworks resource page.

Sara also partakes in the painting group to switch up her painting environment and stimulate creativity. She finds it inspirational talking and mingling with other artists, it makes sure that she does not get bored with her painting environment.