Michael Coll is the first born son of a large Irish family. He spent his early years in the UK before moving to Australia with the family in 1960. Educated in Melbourne and completing studies in teaching he spent many years as an educator, adviser and consultant to disadvantaged groups. More recently his work with Indigenous Australians saw him travel widely throughout Australia.

Since 2001 Michael has increased his artistic output and has developed a reputation for quality, expressive and beautiful works that have sold consistently including the delivery of commissions to clients in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Michael’s work seeks to evoke a sense of place in the natural environment through intuitive and powerful expressive statements, using blends and contrasts, exploring the interplay of line, colour and texture to bring the viewer to another plain and alert the sense. His works are more an emotional response through the environment and seek to encourage the viewer to feel rather than see this.

Recently Michael completed further studies in Visual Arts to expand his range and explore new media and techniques, which are evident in recent works.

Michael speaks through his art in many different voices and is not bound by any particular style or movement. His works can be seen as abstractions in some cases and impressionist in others.