Walking a fictional way between the Baroque Bernini purest and most bizarre news of the web’s aesthetic and conceptual foundations of the sculptural work of Lorena Guzman who, with more than 40 life-size works to his credit, links and affection are admiration for the animal breed with a somewhat ironic vision of classic themes of art history and absurdities of modern life. In his workshop ideas and premonitions are conceived, Asterios teen leans to look at the landscape, to decipher a road and imagine life will be like tomorrow, while Louis, a super intelligent octopus arms and disarms again and again Potato Head doll they have given as a birthday gift, abandoned with little beings herbivores inside bags, flying chihuahuas, suicidal rats, chickens without heads, furry children with bare cats, turtles freakis springs, naked pigs, Ledas with swans, Perseus nightmares … and a long list of similar beings who inhabited the mind of the artist, came all the same clay to become mixed in it and wait in the mud new inspiration.