Painting is the way I express myself, the way I communicate my personal view of both the world and life. It is not a hobby: it is something essential, visceral, which Rilke, the poet, called “A need.” Furthermore, it is a way to defeat time and death, a way to perpetuate my dreams and to improve the world.

Since 2000, I have begun to go through a different phase in both my life and my work:

A few tough events which I had to face at that time – the loss of some beloveds, and a sheer feeling of fragility and uncertainty – took me to a different stage. I began to leave behind the thorough description of the past and of a neat world, opening up to fantasy and imagination. Then, “The aerialists” series was born. It is a oneiric and poetic stage which leads me to the land of magic and dreams, where real and unreal things become blurred…

The main character took two versions:

-“The businessmen” represent a common executive, a little man of the XXI century, lost in abstract areas, crossing empty cities, looking for balance and answers in an inhospitable and indifferent world, today’s world. These tie characters try to reflect the solitude and the need for success. The global economic crisis confirms this idea.

— “The magicians”: They wear a hopeful galley, that let the rainbow, some clouds, the smoke of a chimney, a musical score flow… Sometimes they carry balloons or even steal the moon.

These Gentlemen: dreamers, poets, artists, have the urgent mission to preserve fantasy and give balance to the world. If there is only one of them, the utopia won’t be lost and the dreams won’t be dead.

The “Magical Paintings” series arrives in 2010. I like to begin once and again… I feel that I still have a lot to say and other languages to experience. My game must go on. I envy those old ”elves” with long lives like Picasso, Matisse or Miró, who created over so many years everything they wanted and imagined. What wonderful freedom!!!! Some of them even experienced the pleasure of rolling over the canvas impregnated with colour! If only I could do so!!!! I hope I will have the strength to dare!