I’m a Dutch starting artist living in Florence (Italy). One can see in my work that I’m just graduated from a classical realist academy. My work is following the movement of contemporary realism. I love to find the beauty in simple objects and to translate the power of a sitter or figure in front of me on canvas. My goal is not to make great statements in my work I just want to make something beautiful to enjoy.

Finding beauty trough craftsmanship

I acquired a strong foundation of education in art in Florence (Italy) while being trained in the old master’s techniques. The resulting work reveals a personal and contemporary expression of beauty while paying homage to the Classical tradition of craftsmanship. Working with materials used by artists since centuries like oil paint and linen but not being shy in trying out new finds and materials. As for my working method, the biggest part of it is just hard work and a lot of time but most important of all; the love for the subject and the wish for everybody to enjoy my work.