Chris Chalk lives and works as a professional artist in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. Painting in oils he paints a wide variety of subject matter including portraits, pet portraits and wildlife, but his main passion it the beautiful Welsh landscape. Growing up on a dairy farm in West Wales Chris was always very interested in nature and the outdoors and spent much of his time drawing and painting the wildlife that surrounded him. This has stayed with him to this day and Chris is never happier than when at home working in his studio, or when spending time out in the Welsh countryside sketching and painting.

My studio paintings are worked up from small oil painting sketches done out in the field which are painted using a pochade box, or from photographs I’ve taken, often a combination of both. I strive in my paintings to create a unique snapshot of a scene, not one that is photographic and rigid, but one that is painterly, full of marks and brush-strokes that impart a little bit of myself into the painting. I work both on a commission basis and as a freelance artist, by that, I mean that I paint the subjects that I choose to paint, but I also accept pet portrait and landscape commissions.