Deus Sex Machina is an ongoing art project (started in August 2011) on the metastatic effect of power throughout human history. My hypothesis is that behind the need to hold and preserve power lays mainly the deviant sexual behaviour. I call deviant sexual behaviour any manifestation of an individual who is to satisfy his sexual needs at any cost, without regard to the will and consent of the other individuals involved. In this series of ink drawings, which ultimately will result in a frieze of 27 works, I will try to illustrate the transformation of a species that in its beginning flourished in communities, sharing goods and emotions, living in harmony with nature and its own conscience, into a disunited species composed of alienated individuals that feed on the needs induced by the few who have the power. The scenes flow chronologically, starting with the primitive man, go through the events of European history (those that I consider relevant to my thesis), to finally reach the globalized present.