The origin of my story is not peculiar or dramatic but it is the introduction to my journey; and where better to start than the beginning? I, like many artists, was creative from a young age. Frequently writing bizarre stories and drawing mythical creatures, I had an imagination overflowing with ideas; a trait which thankfully I still possess. Throughout my educational life, these interests in the creative subjects persisted and were nurtured. I acquired many new skills and worked with more media than I can even remember during my school years; anything and everything became tools to express myself with. The openness to materials grew exponentially when I began my Foundation studies at Loughborough University and I became extremely resourceful. However, something even more interesting occurred during that year which has proved integral to my artistic practice; I developed a conceptual mind. Art gained meaning beyond simple visual presence and the world became a much more exciting place for me. Now armed with a National Diploma in Art and Design and a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design I set out to earn my Degree in Fine Art. This brings us to the present day and, of course, my current work.

The Work

My artworks are a physical representation of the thought process. The aim is to demonstrate the raw motion of thinking without the weight of any particular subject. I do not want to show what I am thinking about, but rather how I am thinking. Through the creation of unscripted works, which are built up through a series of reactionary choices, a physical interpretation of how I think comes into being. Each line, or piece of installation material, I place is an aesthetic reaction to the one that preceded it and thus my work grows organically. I have termed my creative method ‘Thought Portraiture’ largely because my work acts as a visual diary, an autobiography written in lines, colour and occasionally cardboard instead of words. I am recording my journey in this world and exploring life’s processes along the way.