Ink-artist Allison Stanley has had a passion for drawing and an entrepreneurial spirit since childhood. She left secondary school at the age of fifteen to pursue art as a business and is completely self-taught.

Allison works traditionally with a metal-nibbed dip pen and black ink, inheriting techniques from ancient illuminated manuscripts, from gold leaf to calligraphy to microscopic detail a la Book of Kells. The Rococo art movement is another influence: her signature black & white style is richly ornamental. Delicate line-work, intricate surface patterns and swirling flourishes clothe with regal elegance her deeply imaginative and symbolic designs, filling every square inch of the canvas with interest.

Drawing inspiration from early Christian poetry and fairy tales, beauty and meaning is chief among her values, e.g. her Philosophy of Ornament: “Covering an image with the ornament is like turning it to gold, or setting it to music; it glorifies it, revealing the inner nature of the subject on its visible surface. The result is enchanting yet mysterious, for it is a revelation of something originally invisible, like a scent, a mood, or an ideology. Ornament is a metaphor, the essential element of poetry.”

An admirer of Nature, Allison’s personal flower garden and dried flower collection enrich her work.
Allison has exhibited her artwork in the US and Canada and sold at over two dozen events and conventions.

Since 2010, Allison has explored a variety of media: she has inked traditionally on calfskin vellum and parchment; tooled, burned and manipulated leather; carved wooden art frames; worked with 24 kt gold, palladium and tin leaf; custom painted a GT Mustang, and painted a 5-ft wide acrylic painting on wood which included the likeness of seventy-four different people upon commission. She is currently designing an illustrated poetry book, with her elder sister, Rebecca Zara Stanley, acting as writer and co-producer.