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Inspirational quotes on art and life UP YOURS INNIT!

Mr Innit, an ex-con discovers after a class bust-up during an art conversation his deep interest in art, how artists think, and what makes them tick. Actually, the encounter occurs only with his alter-ego and so all his language licence is forgiven. Fancy finding your alter-ego is a posh dude! Well, Mr Innit was equally surprised but that didn’t stop him after a long discussion taking to the brush and canvas and starting a life as an artist.

An, ‘up yours Innit’ art book. One of a kind that should, God willing, raise at the expense of both classes a few laughs. With over 340 thought-provoking inspirational quotes on art and life, this book makes for a great gift for art lovers.

A book that dips into most of the areas of the art discourse without getting too wet!

The narrative of the book aside, it is a serious book that looks at art and class and the possibility of redemption through art practice and concludes that hope and art make a powerful team that can do wonders for your mental health!

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Spare a thought for the artists

With 300 original quotes on art and being an artist, this book makes a perfect gift for budding artists. Humorous and serious quotes snake through the book’s spine with panache. A great read.

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