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Artists are gullible type sometimes and can fall victim to an age old trickery, that painting landscapes can be done without actually being there.

Take a few hundred photos, choose the best ones and then work in the comfort of your studio – sorted!  Comfort over passion! Ease of process over real experience!

There is nothing better than hopping on your bike with a small watercolour block of paper and getting out into the country.

Art that passes its resonance to successive generations of us human types, is born of observation!

To catch the way light transforms landscape, J. M. W. Turner (English Romanticist landscape artist 1775 -1851) was known to paint in the mornings, afternoons and early evenings.

That hard on-location work was the bedrock of his genius. It was his scrupulous attention to detail that enabled him to reign in light, that wild beast, that roaming horde thundering towards us and cowering and unsettling us with its beauty!

His dedication to observation meant that his new “vision of the landscape”, the language he created was inevitable.

Painting how light transitioned let him see the spaces between moment. It is those spaces that bloat his paintings with meaning and it could never have been achieved without his dedication to being outside whatever the weather!

All language is an consequence of process. The process of meticulous observation. There is an almighty gorge of difference between “observation of process” and the “process of observation”. 

All great art and by that I mean art that can resonate through time and convey its meaning to successive generations of us human types, is born of observation.

There is a second category of art that will be washed away by the tide and that is art that demotes observation and replaces it with the observation and mastery of process.

Landscape artists tip:

Get closer to nature and you get closer to revealing your talent!


Author: Francis Rubbra

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Francis Clark is an Australian born artist, illustrator and musician.