Willful blindness (or contrived ignorance) is a legal term used in the United States.  It describes someone who arranges to create a context in which they are able to claim ignorance of a piece of information – and could and should and even actually knew about.  Think mortgage loans from banks, child molestation in the Catholic Church, the Iraq War or the political scene in general. In a sense, we are all afflicted with willful blindness. This concept serves as a perfect frame for the visual representation of the state of my country and relevant global issues.

I try to channel my creative energies toward significant issues that concern the public in general; issues that deal with everyday life, our individual selves and the context within which these unfold and function: the country, the homeland. Things need to be integrated so that culture as such once again may assist us in becoming more present in our own lives – both on an abstract or philosophical, as well as a more concrete and realistic level.