Intuitive abstract action painting and impressionism meet!
My techniques involves the application of acrylics, enamels, oils and epoxies to mostly large stretched canvas. I work the paints into the canvas through dripping, splashing and fine-line strokes using twigs, bamboo strips and wire.

I am at once conscious of the process and unconcerned with the development of an actual image at this stage. My objective is to work with the canvas and paints and ‘go with the flow’.

The sub-conscious holds much of ones artistic soul.

As the image emerges I am drawn to certain aspects of the painting and continue to work on its direction and the painting comes through and is born.

The works of abstract expressionist painters are of particular interest to me and believe the sub-conscious holds much of ones artistic soul. This can only come through by removing oneself from any attempt to record or “photograph” and image. The beauty lies in the escape of the image
through meditation and the discipline of bringing the intuitive side and the emotional side of the brain into the forefront.