Many photographers invest a great deal of time, effort and money pursuing the belief that buying the best camera on the market, like top of the range artists paints, or acquiring cameras used by one of their photographic idols will help them to take a better photographs.

Well crafted lenses and cameras have a role in helping a photographer realize their creative ambition. Its worth, however, to note that many of the more famous photographers of the last century used a single camera or a very limited selection of equipment. Examples of well known modern artists who used a single camera for the majority of their life’s work include Henri Cartier Bresson (French photographer 1908-2004), Diane Arbus (American photographer 1923-1971) and Edward Weston (American photographer 1886-1958).

The best camera you own is the one you’re using now. Don’t be put off taking photographs because you’re waiting or saving up for the ‘perfect camera’. Use the camera you have in your hands now, learn technique, study other photographers, take many photos.

Push the learning curve and with your humble camera you might be surprised at what great photographic results you can achieve!