I’m guessing you would all like how and why when you take a look at what I like to call Evil Art. Well I have always been able to draw from day one, when I picked up a crayon and my mother said I would draw for hours and hours pushing everything and everyone away, little did I know, I was building my mind, training it to my style of art and never questioning just doing, through the years.

It stayed with me but not as much as It was when i younger. I was always in trouble in school yeah I was a punk that came from a broken home so when it comes to school or college influencing my art that didn’t happen. I’m all natural gift – some say.  When I draw, paint or use the PC it all just works from my beautiful mind to my left hand, it flows, they become one and I don’t even have to think.

Most of my work comes partly from my illness. I feel the need to show the world what I live with day & night its my way of crying out therapy.  Each work takes no more then three hours. I speed draw speed paint and speed work on the computer even faster.

l love using the PC, it makes everything ten times better and easier especially when you mind moves a thousand times faster then your hand. I listen to music when I draw or whatever I have to rock out – it blocks the world out and keeps the voices in ha ha! No ones around when I create my works –  I did enough showing off when I was a kid – only people really close to me are gifted enough to see me work and usually its really late – and no one comes around anyways.

Every one is different when it comes to art, that’s what makes art so amazing.  I will never change my style I need no teacher for my mind will learn on its own for it has for many years. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely Patrick.W.Fraley