Hot on the heels of a large photography exhibit in December, Gilbert resident Bob Estrin will be featured during a show at ASU Gammage from Jan. 2 through Jan. 23.

The collection includes an eclectic mix of vintage-style images and breathtaking landscapes. Off the Beaten Path has fun, beautiful and thought-provoking images that have been captured by Estrin during his travels. Frequently, Estrin evokes reflective moods with his images of water, nature and a respectful look at bygone eras shot in unique conditions.

I have been doing photography since 1971, Estrin said. He earned a degree in photography from Southern Illinois University. He eventually went on to be involved in computers and his success at his job has now allowed him the time to roam. “I enjoy traveling and I am retired and now I can afford to do it, said Estrin of his travels.

He has visited states all across the United States snapping photos of pristine waters, natural wonders and nature as interpreted through his lens. Some images in the collection were taken on recent trips to Zion National Park, the Grand Tetons, Glacier National Park, assorted ghost towns and other places off the beaten path.

Indeed, he likes to explore objects that represent the past, and whatever those objects might represent to the viewer. “I often use my photography as an excuse to be more adventurous; to go places and do things that most people would not even think of doing. Life can be exciting, if you let it happen,” Estrin stated.

Some images that Estrin has captured are of old trucks, vintage soda bottles, unique architectural elements and everyday items that have a visual story to tell. Through the lens of Estrin’s camera, the use of light, composition and angle take on his own viewpoint, yet also invite viewers to give images their own interpretation.


Article written by Lynette Carrington January 2013.