When a certain idea remains inside my head after a long period of time and other idea’s come and go and disappear again into the oblivion, I start trying to divine this remaining idea. After having formulated that persistent idea I begin to look for a number of images and pictures which depict and represent my idea at its best.

The selection of images is purely intuitive and after having done this ( nowadays mostly found on the internet ) I put them all in a file on my computer and name them, for example: “Hunters” Like now, for my new series of paintings. This process can take several weeks or more. In the meantime I also make sketches and begin to combine and re-combine images. In this stage I work very intuitively: It must feel just right! I always ask myself: “Does this exactly communicate what I want to say?” After having made several compositions with several pictures I make a list of (working-)titles and the title of each sketch is also the descriptions of the used images.

The next step is to pick out my favorite sketch / idea of the moment, because this always gives me the biggest boost to start making my first piece! At that stage of the process I still can change things, depending on the visualization in my head of my new piece of artwork.

There will be no exact copying of the sketch-design. Each picture used is just a part of the whole thing, the size of each element can be adjusted depending on the location and its importance. Some parts will be painted more realistically then others and I also draw with acrylic-markers on the canvas ( when I only paint with acrylic paints ).

Drawing directly on the canvas is still very liberating and forceful! Lately I use transparently prepared linen and during the working process certain area’s are left open. This gives it all a sheer pureness.