With the work I do, it’s entirely experimental in nature. I just sit and play, when I find something that’s interesting, I explore it further, tweaking things as I go, making changes just to see what will happen if I do this or that. With fractals, I have been known to start with a single piece, and from that starting point, head off into dozens of directions, each one is sort of a branch off the main work. With some pieces, you can see things in the branched image that you can recognize in the main image. Other times, you’d never guess in a million years that one was derived from the other.

I’m also known as the guy that does bizarre things using Bryce 3D software. It’s designed to create realistic 3D renderings of landscapes. I use it for everthing but landscapes. I’ve done a lot of virtual glass sculptures which have the realistic properties of glass, full of reflections and refraction of light as real glass would. I then started tinkering with volumetric materials in a 3D space, creating crazy abstracts that couldn’t be created any other way.

One day I wondered what would happen if I brought in a photo or digital image into this volumetric space, and soon I was creating some really weird artwork, something that became called a Bloop by other Bryce users.

I’ve got computers that are so much more powerful than when I started, so I’m digging for the original files, and am embarking on revisiting pieces that were just too crazy to attempt on the computers I was using at the time. Stay tuned, there’s always something cool on the horizon.