The importance of intervals
For me, there needs to be as much importance put on the intervals as the time spent in activity (Art Contemplation) – the spaces are full of contemplation and reflection – these mustn’t be disturbed by outside interruption.
Sometimes an abstract painting begins to slowly die from overwork and it becomes necessary to tear oneself away from it. The temptation is to just go on and on trying to resurrect it.

You know when you have reached the top of a mountain, you are exhausted and have great views of beauty!

Sometimes my art can be rescued but often it is best to ‘abandon ship’ and start afresh. Many times I have agonized over the decision and when I have decided the picture can’t be saved I decide to start again. It’ll be the ‘same picture’ only with the weight of my previous experience contained within it, however this time I’ll know when to stop.

Sometimes you don’t need to destroy the whole picture but just areas (which may even be beautiful) for the sake of the whole. This is also difficult because the ‘whole’ doesn’t always surpass these areas – and the picture is lost. It takes courage and tenacity at different times.

These basic lessons should become embedded and express themselves more intuitive with time. I remember at art school teaches begging me to stop working on a painting. Being a stubborn type I was not going to heed their pleas. I was wrong then and now always err on the side of caution. Energetically now I look to find the point, the summit from which any further work would be a descent into failure!