Peter Gabriel once said that. sometimes, between two lovers, a secret world can emerge. Take two seconds to consider this statement and this is probably one of the best description of my working method.
What drives me is an attempt to narrate, illustrate or highlight every invisible aspect present in relationships. Human experience can be understood through the notion of relationships. Relationships are a very primal level in our bodies.  They have a closely knit relationship with oxygen (as well as CO2). Oxygen allows sound to be dispersed and heard by our hears. A molecule of oxygen moves around, hits another molecule and sound is produced. When dispersed our ear receives the signal, our brain transforms it into electricity and we hear.  Light Relationships functions in an analogous way.

So this is how I work, I use technology (be it a microphone, a computer, a synthesizer or anything else) as a way to articulate relationships. Be they between individuals or between physical realities.