My work is Abstract Expressionist, it’s about the freedom of the mark and the fluidity of the paint.  When I see, hear or feel something that effects me, I need to express this with paint.

I keep a note journal where I write down ideas anything that ‘triggers’ a thought regarding my work. When I create a new piece it is often connected with colours that I have seen, or wrote about in my journal.

Sometimes I work on paper first just making marks with oil bars and using white spirit to ‘smudge the effect’ continually reworking marks , laying on and taking off until something starts to work.

When I feel ready I will start to use paint, I usually mix the colours first using linseed oil with oil paint creating a ‘buttery ‘ consistence. I use palette knifes, large brushes and rags to work.

I start to lay down colours and then it’s more intuitive and feeling for what the paint is starting to do, I never plan a composition, I only consider colours. In fact the excitement is not knowing.

If I put down a mark and feel it’s not working I will scrape off and re work sometimes my paintings end up on the side of a plate! Then I start again, it has to feel right.!