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A funny and often crude, hard talking dialogue between an artist and an ex-con. It focuses on and exaggerates the ever-present class divide that persists in perceptions towards the art discourse, its value and meaning.

With over 340 art quotes including twelve ‘thou art’ commandments (calls to action), that will definitely inspire the reader. This book is a great starting point for all budding artists and also a refreshing reminder to professional artists that they are not alone in their struggles. Inspiration quotes book

Who wrote the book? That is the question! Is it Mr Innit or indeed his alter ego, or are they one and the same? An interesting tension is created between two opposing characters; one is left with a shroud of doubt and reassured that our perceptions are simply opinions with no real supporting evidence. An inspirational quote book that attacks the sense on two fronts. One is taken on an emotional journey that crisscrosses the mesh of social divide. By means of instructional art quotes, ideas discussed deep in the art discourse are revealed and one is left doubting whether Mr Innit is indeed the hero or his alter ego is the villain.

Author: Francis Rubbra

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Francis Clark is an Australian born artist, illustrator and musician.