Art quotes

10 quotes about artists

DOLE BLUDGER ALERT: Beneath the dizzy adornments of art lies a deep expression of an attitude towards life.

Artists are outsiders, from the fringes of society they tiptoe over our collective prayers.

You know you have reached the summit of a mountain when you are exhausted and have magnificent views of beauty.

By the age of fifty most people realise they have a soul; true artists realise they have a body.

The illustrator tells the story, the artist is the story, and they sure as hell embellish it.

Just as the best stories defy expectation, so too must artists defy their own.

Matisse said his choice of colour did not rest on scientific theory, that it was built on observation, on feeling, on the nature of each experience.

Art schools are recycling institutions; you start the first year as a rational person and end the third year profoundly irrational.

Always draw with the same carefree spirit as when you scribble: Remember: line rhythm is the heart and soul of the ‘good drawing’ party.

THE BASIC RULES OF PROPER ETIQUETTE ALERT: Entertaining manners are good art manners, perfection is just plain bad art manners, and the greatest faux pas of all, is saying what you intended to say. ‘No mention of torture, castration, and public hanging, then?’