Learn to paint

Online how not to draw and paint classes.

CONTRAST ALERT: Use contrast to create visual interest; contrast light/shade, warm/cool, bright/dull. Too much contrast is confusing, too little bland.

Drawing is making marks represent something.

The greatest freedom art endows is the freedom to be wrong.

Art gives generalisations a good name.

Complementary colours sit opposite one another in the traditional colour circle; when placed side by side they create the strongest contrast. To make a colour stand out, place its complementary nearby. ‘You can make me stand out anytime, mate.’

Walls are fitting places for the exhibition of art, and fitting rooms for trying it on.

Every artwork is a page torn from a sketchbook; it takes time to get to the end of a good book, as you know!

The craft of art is not found in its attention to detail, but its attention to awakening.

Beauty is never far away, and usually only a tweak or two or three away. ‘Pass me a spanner, mate!’

The meaning of art is found in actions, not dreams, whatever they mean!

One area of controlled pencil shading is worth ten thousand smudges. ‘What’s the going rate for wobbly lines?’

By Francis Rubbra

Francis Clark is an Australian born artist, illustrator and musician.