Art quotes

How to think about Art.

In life, one wrong decision can be a crucifixion; in art, one wrong decision can be a rectification.

KNOWING YOU ARE ALIVE ALERT: Nurture your giving and imaginative phases and be heedful and responsive to your receiving and contemplative phases.

Poor delusional fools those who wait at bus stops convinced inspiration is due any minute. ‘Nothing ventured, nothing imagined, hey!’

Artists are masters of chaos and lovers of the unexpected: embrace all beauty in chaos; give birth in it, and to it – for artists are masters of chaos and lovers of the unexpected.

Play is how artists feel, and thinking is how they play.

Adversity is your challenge, growth your opportunity; don’t waste it. ‘Waste not, want not.’

The secret to art is being in one place at one time; it’s being in one place at the same time as the one time is at the one place. ‘Hand on art [sic] you think it’s that simple?’

Where there ain’t war, there ain’t art. ‘Are you looking for a fight?’

The artist’s contract states quite clearly that tenderness must be replaced with harshness and mystery with reality. ‘You thug.’

People who give a damn what other people think obviously don’t give a damn what they themselves don’t think. ‘Too many negatives, I’m NOT going to NOT give a damn about that one, NOT.’

By Francis Rubbra

Francis Clark is an Australian born artist, illustrator and musician.