Art quotes

20 Quotes on art guaranteed to Inspire

I wouldn’t be surprised if brush marks suffer from agoraphobia.

If it isn’t politically incorrect it isn’t art.

The greatest things we learn are the things we can least explain.

I’m so happy; I’ve just secured a 25-year interest-free loan to buy a tube of Cerulean Blue I saw in the corner shop window.

Mediocre art fulfils a unifying purpose, great art a divisive purpose.

The affectations of art critics are more terrifying than the ignorance of laypeople.

Getting paint on the canvas is the easy bit, getting it to resonate with the public is the pear-shaped bit.

Inform the subconscious and it will never let you down.

Art walks awkwardly side by side with craft.

Art subpoenas the contradictions of the universe to testify.

If you can’t attend life drawing classes, draw yourself naked in front of a large mirror.

Drawing is practice to the visual arts as practising scales is to music.

Art documents the past of us and hints at the future of us.

Spontaneity must pip control on the finish line by the width of one hare [sic].

Get too chummy with art theory and your spirit will wilt, and the public will yawn.

Throw yourself into the confusion, surround yourself with art books, sketchbooks, and penned notes, and the art will create itself.

Artists can barely live with themselves, let alone other people.

Only talentless arseholes listen to advice.

The only thing worth saying about art is, ‘whatever.’

BOO ALERT: Your subject matter is not what you see in front of you, but what you don’t see behind you.

By Francis Rubbra

Francis Clark is an Australian born artist, illustrator and musician.