Art quotes

13 beautiful quotes about art

COLOUR HARMONY ALERT: Colour harmony can be achieved in paintings in the following ways: (1) Painting on a coloured ground; (2) Limiting the number of colours on the palette; (3) Applying a final glaze. (4) Working over the whole painting surface at once.

Art would be easy if it weren’t for those awful interfering artists.

The secret to art lies in its secrets, and its proof lies in its proof.

Don’t count on artists to save the planet; they can barely save themselves.

If you have taken a Master’s degree in seeing things, you are probably an artist.

There are more rules expressed in art as don’t meet the viewer’s eye!

NATURAL SELECTION ALERT: Good line selection makes good drawing sense; it is how a drawing is given sense – if that makes sense.

Emotions should be subordinate to the expression of ideas, cheapskates.

Self-appreciation is the purest of the arts.

The greater the art the greater the silence (It’s not easy being understood without words, as you know.)

Artists’ studios are chapels for the celebration of the meaty mechanics of innerness and selfhood.

To artists, dying young is dying on the inside before dying on the outside.

Only sit back to contemplate your paintings when you have a studio full of them.

By Francis Rubbra

Francis Clark is an Australian born artist, illustrator and musician.