Art quotes

10 not very famous quotes about art

The purpose of art is to keep the positive energy of the universe flowing. ‘Purpose has never sounded so much like energy laundering!’

The role of an artist is to be an observer, their duty is to be open-minded, and their obligation is to feel and think, but in practice, it doesn’t necessarily go in that order.

Art is the study of one’s reactions to events as they occur in a medium. Life is long if you only tickle art. ‘Get out of here, I have never laughed so much in my art [sic].’

Today, everyone is a statistic, and being an artist no longer sets us apart; when everyone in the street self-identifies as an artist, the genuine artist gets a job as a cleaner.

The secret to art is just to turn up, and let all hell break loose!

COINCIDENCE ALERT: God created artists on the very day that he had an extra Weetabix for breakfast.

The basic rule of colour harmony states that every part must contribute optically to the whole.

Using black in your paintings will disrupt colour harmony, so ban it from your palette.

Great art is an event horizon, a ceiling of visual profundity; a boundary beyond which we can know with absolute certainty that sublime beauty, in whatever visual form it exists, does so by the hand and grace of God.

Not all images are art, but everything tagged as art leaves an image.

By Francis Rubbra

Francis Clark is an Australian born artist, illustrator and musician.