Art quotes

10 modern art quotes

The greatest bravery in art is not knowing what to paint and painting it. ‘Like having nothing to say and saying it.’

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH ALERT: Watch out there’s an artist about.

Never include your limitations on your curriculum vitae. ‘It’s the dysfunction artists include on them that should concern humanity.’ 

According to the ‘Swiss Cheese’ theory, artists get through life by finding holes in it.

‘Beam me up Scotty’ is the most googled search term made by people who visit art galleries. ‘You’re right, they do seem less human the more you get to know them.’

Artists are the rules that prove the exceptions.

Whoever reasons with the mysteries of art will never be forgiven.

Artists are society’s visual nuisance neighbours.

APOCALYPSE ALERT: Brushes dream of being palettes, palettes dream of being paintings, and paintings dream of starting the Third World War.

Artist’s elbow is a condition caused by trying to get a better view of oneself.

By Francis Rubbra

Francis Clark is an Australian born artist, illustrator and musician.