Wotartist is an educational resource where artists can share their knowledge and experience about art by writing short snappy art maxims and also a place to promote their art by creating portfolios. It is a curated gallery where only the best artists submitted are accepted. Every contributed quote has a link to the artist’s website.

Any artist worth their ‘salt in talent’ through the investigation that is the creative process will have faced the dichotomy that being a dedicated artist often occasions and we believe should be able to share their thoughts.

Browse hundreds of submitted quotes and discover how artists think and discover the best artists portfolios. Sign up if you are an artist and start to share your observations and insights about the creative process.

How to use Wotartist

The creative journey is an exploration and so we have intentionally designed Wotartist with navigation that is reduced to a minimum. This forces the visitor to follow the next links along a path of discovery. The thoughts of artists intermingle with the art exhibited to enhance the inspirational and learning experience.