Never compete with the camera
Technical perfection in reproducing what our eyes see is a similar process to a composer trying to reproduce the natural sounds heard in Nature.  As a visual artist, I am only interested in creating images which express my subjective response to places, feelings and try to capture of ? being there?
Venture beyond the comfort zone
Many artists settle on a successful style and never move beyond this safe comfort zone.  All their work is much the same even when they introduce small variations to the ‘blueprint’ they follow.  I much prefer variety and revel in the excitement of discovering new ways, accidents and untried techniques.  I love experimenting with new approaches and accept and make the best of unintended accidents.
The seduction of abstraction
Competent abstract artists use similar principles to composers of music — balanced compositions, harmony, contrast, tension, counterpoint, colour, tone, texture, rhythm and so on.  Our objectives are the same: create an interesting mood, arouse a feeling, stir some emotions.