Alphabet posters make wonderful centrepieces in children’s bedrooms and are great aids for getting children ahead with learning the alphabet. Why is every child’s room not adorned with one, I ask? Especially today, when there are so many imaginative and tasteful posters, and all of them cheap at half the price!

My first ABC Poster

Shortly after the birth of my first child, I challenged myself to make my own ABC poster, and what a challenge it was! I didn’t realise quite how much work was involved, but in the end, the loss of hair was worth it. I had one copy printed which still hangs framed on the wall in my son’s room twelve years on and I have to admit I derive a certain pleasure and pride in seeing it hanging whenever I have a pow-wow with my son.

Today, we buy our kids so much, dare I say it, Junk, plastic throwaway toys, stuff that has little didactic or sentimental value. What a waste of money, what a waste of an opportunity, the opportunity of being able to contribute to the development of a loved one, both educationally and creatively. For example, my alphabet poster is full of animals acting out simple verbs. The game I played with my son involved us taking it in turns to act out the verb actions and matching the verbs with their corresponding animal characters in the poster.

alphabet poster with animals

Alphabet poster with animals and verbs

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The answer perhaps is just oversight. “What a great idea, why didn’t I think of buying a poster? Oh, too late now, my children have grown up! As parents, friends and relatives we just don’t think about buying alphabet posters nearly as much as we should, but maybe a little gentle prodding is all that is needed.

I mean, come on guys, today there are so many alphabet posters to choose from. On Etsy, for example, you can find many very tasteful designer posters, not all can be personalised, but some can. I like the idea of a personalised poster, it adds a special timeless-memorabilia-touch, the touch of something that will not be thrown away, ever.

Educational ABC Charts

Many educational charts and ABC posters for preschool can be bought on Amazon. In my opinion, less suited for kid’s rooms, as they lack, shall we say, aesthetic-fine-art decorum, but they do make for great preschool classroom wall art.

Their laminated finishes make them wipeable and more durable and resistant to whatever may literally be thrown in their directions!

In conclusion, I would simply like to animate everyone to buy an alphabet poster or educational chart for a relative, for a newborn, for a special occasion. For in doing so, not only will you be creating new family memorabilia, you will be helping to get a child ahead with learning the alphabet and supporting the many artists who, as I found out, have put a lot of sweat and tears into making possible their alphabet posters. Many are secret gems of design and works of art in their own right.

On the pages of this site I take a closer look at the many posters for sale online, their quality, their value-for-money and what framing options are available once purchased.

English ABC alphabet POSTER

English ABC poster

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