James lucas

Colour and surface texture dominate my work. I work with rich vociferous colours in complex swathes, layers and trails of paint. Many of my heavily worked surfaces become landscapes to … Continue reading “James lucas”

Richard Whadcock

Richard Whadcock is one of the UK’s leading contemporary artists, specialising in atmospheric landscape paintings. His contemporary landscape paintings explore the South Downs and East Sussex coast. Trying to capture … Continue reading “Richard Whadcock”

Nikita Manokhin

In my paintings I use oil colors, palette knife as the main tool. I paint either on canvas, or on hardboard. The style of my works is impressionism.

Andrea Mora

My artworks are painted by computer-mouse using Photoshop. Since November 2012 a graphical tablet is in use. The semi-abstract landscapes and the portraits are painted “freehand” (digital paintings). The erotic … Continue reading “Andrea Mora”