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Wotartist is an art directory and bite-sized art lessons site that connects art didactic with artists.  Artists can write-to-promote their websites with bite-sized advice and also create portfolios of their work.

Please note that we only select the best artists to include. You will need to be approved by email before being given access. This may take 24 hours so please be patient and please check your junk mail box! Once approved, artists are free to write art related content and create portfolios.

Every new blog post is submitted for approval before publication. Each approved post carries a link to the artist’s website, Twitter and Facebook accounts. This is a great way for artists to create interest in their websites and be found by the art interested public.

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  • Wotartist only selects the best artists to include. Please provide some information about yourself that can help us make a decision.
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    You can add more images when you have been accepted but the first images will mean that your portfolio will go live once accepted with nothing further to add if you don't wish to.
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