How to – make art

There is a funny contradiction in the making art process. We like to think that it is us who is making the art but that would put all the kudos in one basket. Yes, we do it, well at least if it is our work, no-one else seems to be involved! Well I would look under the table to check, but pretty sure that isn’t the case! The best art is the art that surrenders to process! A dialogue between what occurs on the painting surface by chance and what the artist is trying to say!

The subconscious needs to dictate the pace and direction of the painting. The job of the artist is to work at freeing up their inhibitions and releasing their fears! Art training if it has value today must work for that end.

Art has never been and never will be concerned with how reality appears but how the artist can make it their own by shaping their perception of reality into something meaningful to an audience.

To become a better artist is not to master technique. Yes technical proficiency is important but it it is not a goal. It usually accompanies endeavor like an obedient dog, silently walking in step with the artist but not needing protagonism.

The artists goal must and always has been one of self-liberation. There is no freedom of expression if the artist has no understanding of how to achieve it.

Art is a product of the interplay between the artists capacity to release, “Self” and to embrace the unknown and excitement of the moment!


Author: Robin Williams

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Williams studied fine art painting in the early 80s. He has been a professional artist since working both as a portrait artist and children's book illustrator. He considers himself an abstract surrealist, searching for a tension between the real world and the abstract world which invariably results in surrealism of some nature. His work attempts to capture a transient magic and not a static place in time.