Hans Andre

And…at the end, 91 x 68 cm, mixed media The Exposure, 91 x 68 cm, mixed media Paintings made this year, maybe as a result of the present time…..

Jeff Bartels

  Jeff Bartels is a hyperrealist oil painter from Toronto, Canada. For the past few years Jeff has focused on painting close up views of hands playing different musical instruments. His aim with this series is to show the point of connection between the musician and his or her instrument as well as the passion for music. … Continue reading “Jeff Bartels”

An artist’s story

As a young girl Sabina often spent time dabbling at her uncle’s and aunt’s atelier; seduced by the aromas and the magical atmosphere. These sessions undoubtedly set the base for her artistic development. A treasure hunter at heart and fascinated with the diversity of cultures and people, she was especially infatuated with anything that seemed … Continue reading “An artist’s story”

Lisa V Robinson

Working predominantly in oil on canvas, Lisa V Robinson’s practice explores and celebrates painting as a physical and sensual process. Her current series of works aim to push the boundaries of painting beyond two dimensions, by creating a fictional space within the canvas.  

Chitra Ramanathan

Chitra Ramanathan’s intuitive, unique paintings bearing the theme of happiness, an emotion of the mind that has no recognizable form, is recognized through the popularity of her originals that are with various individual buyers and collectors within the United States as well as in Europe. The artist works primarily in the acrylic medium as her … Continue reading “Chitra Ramanathan”