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Wotartist is a contemporary artists Wiki and an online Archive of World artists and writings.  It is an art project to create a permanent archive of the worlds contemporary artists from 2006 onward.  It is a invaluable public resource to reference artists and their writings for both educational and artist promotional reasons. Wotartist put artists together with the wealth of knowledge they possess to create a mutually beneficial partnership.

  1. Artists create FREE online portfolios of their work.
  2. They write about anything related to art.
  3. Terms are then cross referenced and artists gain exposure.

Wiki directory

Wotartist is run by a small group of graduate professional artists. This site is a non-commercial site. It only exists through hard work. We encourage you to support this project by linking to us or promoting us on social networks or writing content.

Art directory history

Wotartist has been finding the best artists worldwide since its launch in 2006. There have been many developments made over the years in response to the fluid and changing internet. In 2008 we were voted into the top 10 sites for that year by TIME magazine.


This site is in major transition and where possible with time constrains we are working on the site to improve it and to add all the artists that were previously listed. If you have been a member for some time and do not see your portfolio listed you can login with your old login details and create a new portfolio. This will save us a lot of time manually added each artist again! Thanks for your time and cooperation.

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