How to – make art

There is a funny contradiction in the making art process. We like to think that it is us who is making the art but that would put all the kudos in one basket. Yes, we do it, well at least if it is our work, no-one else seems to be involved! Well I would look … Continue reading “How to – make art”

Learn how to draw eyes

To draw the human form the artist needs to differentiate between what is bone protrusion and muscular layer. Familiarity born of hard work is the only route. First, you need to draw the skeleton, and the scull if you wish to draw portraits. How the eye sits in its socket and which bones protrude and which are … Continue reading “Learn how to draw eyes”

Composition drawing

The word composition creates many insecurities in the novice painters mind. Not surprising though, when its definition “Composition is the placement or arrangement of visual elements or ingredients in a work of art, as distinct from the subject” leaves vagaries abound. Composition is a multi faceted consideration for the artist. I like to describe composition … Continue reading “Composition drawing”

Painting for beginners

Confronted with a stark white canvas can put off the hardest criminals! Today’s ready primed canvases are a new phenomenon born from mass production methods. Traditionally artists never painted on white canvas. It is curious that the traditional brown colored palette has not kept up with these new developments. They are a throw-back to a … Continue reading “Painting for beginners”

Sketchbooks and paper

Sketchbooks are places for ideas and thoughts to be developed. This is one page taken from one of the sketchbooks I am working on at the moment. I like to re-work old sketchbooks, to find spaces to re-develop old drawings and re-visit ideas I was working on in the past. The sketchbook is where you … Continue reading “Sketchbooks and paper”