Jeff Bartels

  Jeff Bartels is a hyperrealist oil painter from Toronto, Canada. For the past few years Jeff has focused on painting close up views of hands playing different musical instruments. His aim with this series is to show the point of connection between the musician and his or her instrument as well as the passion for music. … Continue reading “Jeff Bartels”

An artist’s story

As a young girl Sabina often spent time dabbling at her uncle’s and aunt’s atelier; seduced by the aromas and the magical atmosphere. These sessions undoubtedly set the base for her artistic development. A treasure hunter at heart and fascinated with the diversity of cultures and people, she was especially infatuated with anything that seemed … Continue reading “An artist’s story”

Art making and intuition

Outside of the warm embrace of art school, life for the artist can be tough! If you have been fortunate to attend art school you should be well versed in critical discourse, but if you have not been so lucky, the question is, how can you push your art forward and avoid it turning into … Continue reading “Art making and intuition”