Painting lessons

Painting in oils method

I never paint with a given example in front of me. I always start straight out of my head. Every composition is kind of fantasy. The result is a translation of my mental images and ideas on canvas. I work with oil. I would like to try more bigger sizes in the future. More crazy colour combinations and more extravagant… Read more →

Aleksandra Vasovic

Artistic Idea and Art Techniques and Media

I usually use multiple artistic media approaches in my artworks. My ideas can be expressed better in multiple art techniques. For example, I create computer animation and then I use the sequences from the animation to create still images. With those elements I can then create art installation or ambient art. Then I switch to traditional techniques and express the same idea… Read more →

Brian Potter

Painting evolves with complexity building

I do not plan my paintings, though they may appear that way due to their complexity. I begin with a few simple, bold, colorful shapes which act as a focal point. I then proceed to build the painting around these shapes. As the painting evolves I will start to feel a design emerging, and will then direct my painting towards… Read more →

Sabina Nore

Digital paintings techniques

I started off as a traditional painter, with oil as a favorite medium. Enamored with every single tool of the trade, from brushes and canvasses to paints, sponges, my beautiful wooden easel,seduced by the accompanying perfumes and the almost magical atmosphere, I couldn’t really imagine changing a thing – and yet, things have changed. My first digital paintings were built… Read more →

Maia Oprea

Abstract painting techniques on canvas

The purpose behind my latest artwork – which is turning more and more abstract — is to explore the expressive properties of paint and other materials through mostly physical and poetic processes, developing my own dialogue in between thoughts and colours, emotions and memories, lines and gestures, hesitations and decisions. I use very diverse materials, ranging from pencil, charcoal, pastels,… Read more →

Denis Gagnon

Glazing technique for oil painting

I use what is a mostly abandoned oil glazing technique in which layer upon layer of paint is painstakingly built up to achieve the highest richness and depth of colour possible. It is a technique demanding the greatest of patience, but which results in a degree of control unobtainable through other painting methods Read more →

Richard Whadcock

Painting on canvas or wooden panel

Most of my paintings are on canvas or wooden panel, although a few have recently moved onto aluminium. Whatever support I use a solid backing is preferable. So canvas is stretched over wooden panels and then either kept like this or re-stretched when finished over traditional stretchers. This removes the bounce that you get when working on traditionally stretched canvas… Read more →

Richard Marcus Taylor

Richard Marcus Taylor painting methods

I free myself the conventions of nomenclature, subject matter and composition to experience the raw extacy of color. The visceral impact of color and composition are paramount in my work. I will think about a composition for a long time before I execute it. Then I want it to look random and indiscriminate, even though it is actually a very… Read more →